Five Rules for Discussing Politics with Friends and Family 

by Yas Hurston

Here in the United States and in countries around the globe, political divisiveness has the power to end friendships and divide families. A 2017 poll from the American Psychological Association reported that 57% of Americans felt at least some stress over the political divide in the country. This is a reality for many….EVERYONE just doesn’t agree with our personal point of view. Read more




11 Commandments for Sports Parents

by Yas Hurston




Being on a team can be an amazing experience for a child, and many children enjoy sports each season. If you’re considering signing your child up for a recreational sports team, be sure you give some thought to your role in the process. Read more

Be the Boss of Your Happiness

by Yas Hurston


Have you ever given thought about who is in charge of your happiness? If you have, perhaps you imagine that fate, genetics, or other people control how happy you feel. Look more closely at the topic, though, and you are likely to conclude no one other than you has the power to control your state of mind. Read more.


Considering the Marijuana Justice Act


by Yas Hurston



Under current federal law marijuana is currently listed as Schedule I drug, right up there with heroin and LSD. According to that classification, marijuana has a high potential for abuse. Read More.


Controlling Your Own Body Language

by Yas Hurston


Earlier in my political years, I was often criticized for “wearing my emotions on my sleeve”. In other words, I was unable to hide what I was thinking, allowing myself to be an open book. Read More


People You Must Avoid to be SUCCESSFUL

by Yas Hurston


The people you surround yourself with, either healthy or unhealthy, will determine your output. For you to avoid toxic people, you will have to recognize them. Here are six people you should put at bay because they will make it incredibly hard for you to succeed: Read more.


 Three Powerful Ways Women Can Dominate Their Workplace

by Yas Hurston


Women rock the workplace. In fact, women-led companies crush the competition with annual returns that exceeded the average. Yet, women lead only six percent of Fortune 500 companies. There are more CEOs with the name John then there are women CEOs. Read more.

What to Do If He’s Not Ready for a Serious Relationship

by Yas Hurston

Ladies…..If you’ve found a man you would like to settle down with, but he says “Dearest, I’m not ready to have a serious relationship” What should you do? Read more.



7 Easy Ways You’ll Know He Is Cheating On You

by Yas Hurston
Lady J and Guy X are a married couple that I know and they have been in a relatively stable relationship for the past year, since they exchanged marriage vows. Just when I thought that they were turning out to be good role models for upcoming couples who are aspiring to tie the nuptial knots, ‘things’ suddenly, began to ‘fall apart’ like a pack of cards. What went wrong? Read more.

4 Signs Your Elderly Relative Needs A Home Health Aide 

by Yas Hurston

Sometimes, elderly parents or relatives seem to be managing their lives just fine, and then, you suddenly notice signs that indicate they are struggling to take care of ordinary tasks. In many cases, the individual may attempt to hide their inability to manage being independent. Read more.

 How to Talk to Your Child about Alcohol

by Yas Hurston

Many parents find it difficult to talk to their children about alcohol because they fear sending mixed messages. If you start discussing the ins and outs of drinking with your kids, are you implying that you’re happy for them to start trying it? Read more.

This blog was created to share articles that have impacted the life of this author. We hope you, the reader, will be educated and entertained by the subjects brought to you every week. You don’t have to be a SINGLE MOM to read and relate to this blog. So enjoy, comment and share. – yh


  1. Simone 2 years ago

    Great insight!

  2. Mexi-Ray 2 years ago

    Noice! Get Your BLOG ON!

  3. Yana 1 year ago

    “No woman reading this article will be surprised that men are notorious for interrupting women. ”

    Ain’t that the truth. I agree with everything pointed out and would like to highlight that learning (and appreciating) your self worth is a key component to truly knowing your emotional and professional limits. It’s so easy to become disillusioned by the machine we all work in and the fact that often times it’s rigged against our progress but having the strength to know your worth and respecting yourself enough to stand by it truly does make a difference.

  4. EA 1 year ago

    Insightful, detailed and clear