Wil Townsend


Wil Townsend, motivational speaker, mentor and author of Blueprint: Redefining Yourself and Your Relationships with Men, has been responsible for empowering men, women and youth in North American and Canada for over 10 years. His message is simple yet steadfast; no matter where you are in your life, it’s possible to have a wealth of love, happiness and self-worth; but it starts with you.
An incredible creative spirit with unmatched talent, Wil discovered his calling in the mid 90’s. He signed with Columbia Records to create the R&B group, Asante. While on tour, he experienced firsthand the depths to which women will lower themselves to catch the eye of a man. His momentary “star status” and connections to mega-producers such as Denny Foster and Tommy McElroy, (the creator of En Vogue) made him the focus of many women. Not only were women degrading themselves morally, putting themselves in dangerous situations and demoralizing their bodies, but he realized that people everywhere are in search of love and will go to great lengths to get it and/or keep it. “Many are willing to sell themselves short in order to get what they think they want. By compromising their morals and beliefs, people have lost an integral part of themselves that will result in unhappiness in the long-run,” Townsend explains. By compromising morals and beliefs, women (and men) have lost the soul part of themselves which ultimately results in pure bitterness and unhappiness.
Wil began touring and spreading his knowledge in 2006 and has inspired thousands of men and women with his story, quick wit and down-to-earth character. With his amazing stage presence, Wil delivers a high-energy message that enables women, men and youth to live up to their own personal greatness which in turn makes it possible to have healthy, loving relationships.
Written from a man’s point of view, Blueprint: Redefining Yourself and Your Relationships with Men was born in 2005. Wil interviewed hundreds of men/women and goes into depth about needs and desires and also points out “the game”, the pitfalls and the red flags that women should be on the lookout for. The outwardly bold and remarkably honest “relationship bible for women” implores women to take back their power and respect by taking the proper steps in setting a strong foundation.
Effortless and genuine, Wil has the ability to push people to see the light at the end of the tunnel and make them take back their self-respect. Whether through his interactive presentations or through his sensational book, Wil Townsend is a force to be reckoned with, changing the way we see others and most importantly, ourselves. For more information go to