Curtis Sherrod


Curtis Sherrod is Founder and CEO of All Things Traffic Inc, a company specializing in the Event Marketing & Advertising industries. He has worked in these fields for over 20 years.
As an organizer, Curtis has experience with corporate as well as cultural community events. In 2006, he founded the Hip Hop Culture Center In Harlem (“H2C2”), a 10,000 square foot venue on 125th St. in NYC creating over 500 events and producing programming for over 150,000 youth. H2C2’s Premiere Week events brought together Hip Hop innovators that included Kool Herc, Mele Mel, Kurtis Blow, Ralph McDaniels and Grand Wizard Theodore. During its years of operation, H2C2 hosted:
• Five 24-hour plus Rapathons, which for 8 years worked with over 500 Rappers
• Edutainment: educational workshops for students that covered topics like
educational excellence, financial literacy and safe sex awareness delivered with
Hip Hop music
• Mashup events such as Hip Hop Meets Jazz and Hip Hop Meets R&B
• Rallies and marches to end gun violence
• Hip Hop Church with Kurtis Blow and shows with KRS-1, Big Daddy Kane, DMC,
Naughty By Nature, Roxanne Shante & MC Lyte to name a few.
From his passion for all things Hip Hop, Curtis founded annual events like RapaCon, DJ- Con and B-BoyCon, authentic Hip Hop experiences. In association with Converse he organized the Converse Sneaker Battle Tour, a series of competitive sneaker design events in N.Y., L.A., & D.C., the winning design was produced as a limited edition.
As a first generation Hip Hopper, Curtis has played with many pioneers of the genre. He cites Kool Herc and his crew Touch Of Class Disco as early mentors. In 1979, Curtis (under the moniker Mexi-Ray) and his rap crew The Nice & Nasty M.C.'s released The Ultimate Rap. Ego Trips Book Of Raps listed it as one of the best rap songs for that year.
As a way to research the competition and for their Hip-Hop aesthetic, Curtis began collecting Hip Hop flyers in 1977. This extensive collection embodies the energy of the seminal years of Hip Hop and enjoyed a significant run on exhibit at The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. A portion of the collection is currently on display at Cornell University.
Curtis is an accomplished host and MC. He hosts a weekly radio
show,, and is currently producing a TV show to air in September 2018 called Curtis Sherrod's Top 3.
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