Nethia Heyward

…SO LET’S GET DOWN! What I do is Educate, Entertain, and Inspire. After many years of teaching others, I learned how to transform difficult or boring information and subject matters which may be hard to understand and make it into a production.  Most children don’t do well in school and most adults won’t try new things in life because of the lack of comprehension and information. Most of my students (children and adults) told me they liked my class because it was entertaining. They remembered the material and were able to take a written test and felt comfortable talking about it outside the classroom.  The same thing happens after people see me at a comedy show or public speaking event. “Wow, Nethia! I never thought of it like that”.

I make teaching look more like entertainment!   I creatively address certain subject matters (building communication skills, self-esteem, Entrepreneurship) at speaking engagements and workshops.   Unlike most workshops, you are told such things as “You can be productive…You can make lots of money…etc.  I actually show live examples and do interactive exercises so attendees can try it before they leave. Interactive theatrical exercises are the perfect ingredient to get the mind and body working and ready to succeed.  

Shakeema Hughes

Shakeema Hughes is an author, educator, speaker, serial entrepreneur, and online business strategist. Her passion is to empower and teach women the importance of wealth and the ability to obtain it without neglecting themselves in the process.

Shakeema is the founder and CEO of She Evolve: Self Care and Financial Literacy Boutique empowering and educating ambitious goal-driven women on the power of evolving personally and financially. Shakeema is also the founder of Open An Online Boutique: A small business development and marketing boutique helping individuals start and grow their very own online boutique business.  Shakeema is the author of Secrets To Online Boutique Success: A Comprehensive Planning Guide To Start and Grow a Profitable Online Boutique Business, Pray Plan Pursue: The Ultimate Lifestyle Planner and Journal For Intentional Living and Securing The Bag! A Step By Step Guide To Save & Secure $1000 In 30 Days.

Shakeema received her Master Degree in Education with a concentration in Adult Education and Training, and a Bachelor in Business with a concentration in Finance from University of Phoenix.  Shakeema holds a producer license with the authority in Life Insurance. 

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