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Mylo Butler

Mylo Butler is a filmmaker, photographer, painter, sculptor, writer and author based in New York, born in Manhattan and raised in New Jersey. Mylo has a passion for visual arts and the people around him. He is currently studying cinema and photography at Pratt Institute for his undergraduate degree. Mylo is the founder of MyloB Productions, a production company pushes the popularity and development of art that influences and makes people feel.

My latest self-publish book, Absorbent, is about how my passion for art started in the third grade. I was diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), a chronic condition that causes attention difficulty, hyperactivity and impulsiveness. Having to take medication everyday and teaching myself to learn differently than the other kids made it hard to feel normal. In the creative process of both my films and photography, I noticed something about myself that can relate to other people. I wanted to be a source for kids struggling at a young age with learning disorders. I made my work to be a beacon of hope for those who feel less than or too “different.” I wanted to talk about the deficiency that has been rarely discussed in a positive manner to bring an issue that matters to light, not just for me but for everyone it applies to. The visual art I create is made through my everyday interactions with light.

I have done film festivals for PSA’s in texting and driving for New Jersey schools as well as had my work shown at my true colors LGBTQ film festival in Brooklyn NY. I have had gallery openings in Upstate New York for paintings (Utica Otherside Gallery) and group shows for photography exhibitions. My purpose is production is to put into depth a message that needs recognition. For example my short film Absorbent (visuals) was about the pressure of being a student and feeling the weight of the world on top of you and always feeling tired and confused. My goal in life is to inspire people on a global level.


Troy Jackson, aka Quithelastword, is an independent rap artist and song writer hailing from South Jamaica, Queens NY. Growing up in a structured, two parent household and being the youngest of four children, music has been brewing in Troy’s veins since birth. His father was a singer during the 70s so Troy’s music selection is deep. He grew up listening to a variety of R&B classics ranging from Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, to hip hop legends like LL Cool J. who is a Queens native himself. Troy recalls LL Cool J as the first rapper he listened to during his childhood.

“My big brother would play his songs and rap to them all day.” he says with a warm smile about the memory. 

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